Demolition of the Aylesbury Estate, Elephant and Castle

The muncher demolishes the Aylesbury Estate
Last week Anna was invited to watch the first stage of the demolition of the Aylesbury Estate in Elephant and Castle. The section being demolished in these pictures is 1-14 Boyson Road, known as ‘Little Bradenham’. It is being demolished with a ‘muncher’ rather than explosives or a wrecking ball to reduce noise and ensure that the demolition is safe and controlled – especially important as the block shown in the background of the images is still inhabited. Anna was also able to photograph the interiors of the new flats being built to replace those being demolished. Having a strong interest in urban planning and renewal, especially related to social housing, it is excited to have such a large project going on so close by, and Anna hopes to be able to return to document the progression of the demolition and regeneration.

More images can be seen on flickr

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