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Printing Islamic geometric patterns using lasercut tiles

“Geometry is an inexhaustible well of formal beauty with which to fill our bucket; but before the draught is fit for use it should be examined, analysed and filtered through the consciousness of the artist.” Claude Bragdon, from Projective Ornament (1915) I have always dabbled with geometry in my design work. Grids, repetition, natural pattern… Read more »

Exploring geometric tilings with ruler and compass

Inspired by Professor Miroslaw Majewski’s exploration of the pattern above left, seen at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, I have developed a practical ruler and compass construction method which allows for the creation of a set of tiles which can be configured in numerous ways, giving rise to a whole range of patterns. Working through… Read more »

Analysis of a geometric pattern from the Alhambra Palace

I haven’t posted on here for some time due to being immersed in studying and practicing geometry. One of the aspects I’ve found most rewarding and stimulating is the process of analysing and reconstructing a pattern. It’s done wonders for the development of my understanding of geometric proportions and pattern making.

Etching course

I recently did another 3 day etching course. It was great to be back amongst the inks and smells of the etching studio at Camberwell College of Arts, but 3 days is hardly enough time to get your juices flowing with a process as slow and methodical as etching.