My first NFT collection is now live on the Opensea marketplace. They will be available for purchase until Friday 18th December 2021.

See below for a step-by-step guide on buying the NFTs.

There are two artworks available, Matrix/Pattern and One in a Billion. Each is available in three tiers:

Triangle Tier

High-res jpeg (edition of 50)

Square Tier

High-res jpeg and 4k Animation (edition of 25)

Circle Tier

High-res jpeg, animation and an invitation to watch a related design constructed by hand using ruler and compass live on Zoom. The original drawing created in this session will be shipped to you anywhere in the world. (edition of 5)

10% of sales go to Refugee Action

How to purchase the NFTs

We are in early days of NFTs and the most common way to buy them on the Ethereum network is not only expensive with gas fees but is extremely energy inefficient, so I have navigated a much more environmentally clean and less expensive way to buy them.

This is through the Metamask wallet.


1) Install Metamask Wallet by clicking download here.


Once Metamask wallet is installed it will need to be configured and loaded with the environmentally-friendly currency (Wrapped Eth) on the Polygon blockchain in order to make purchase. To configure, follow this step-

2) To load up your wallet:

a) In Metamask, make sure the dropdown at the top shows ‘Ethereum Mainnet’

b) Click ‘Buy’

c) Scroll down to 2nd Option – Transak

The default options will show:

d) Enter Amount in GBP, select Card Payment and then click next to ETH here:

e) In the search function, enter WETH and the below will show. Select.

Now these elements should look like this:

f) Hit ‘Buy Now’.

In a matter of minutes you will receive email notification of arrival of funds. Once this arrives, everything will be ready to purchase.

3) Now go back to the Opensea Ambigraph NFT you want to buy and select ‘Buy Now’.

4) This will take you to ‘This is an unreviewed collection’. Click on the ‘understand’ checkbox.

5) Click to agree Opensea terms of service.

6) Click on ‘Confirm Checkout’.

7) This will take you to Complete Checkout in Opensea, hit ‘Sign’.

8) This will take you to the Signature Request in Metamask, Click ‘Sign’.

You will now have purchased your NFT! Thank you for taking the time to work through this process and minimise the energy used in purchasing this artwork. In the NFT you can now access unlockable content.