Geometric Art & Design by


Ameet Hindocha



In the hope of reinforcing and reinvigorating my creative practice as well as getting back to drawing by hand, in 2014 I took a course called Geometry and the Order of Nature with Tom Bree at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. I unexpectedly found myself thrown into the midst of an all-consuming creative awakening which quickly became an ongoing obsession, one which has only deepened and widened over the past few years. Connecting this newfound intellectual and creative stimulus with the toolset of practical image-making techniques I’d built up through years of working as a graphic designer opened up an overwhelming range of possibilities.

Developing a multi-disciplinary practice with the exploration of geometry at it’s core has allowed me to explore the structural possibilities of geometry within a visual and process-led framework. Not only that but it has allowed me to tap into an ancient but living tradition of design and explore it with the tools available today and the possibilities they offer.

As well as exploring the visual language of geometry through design commissions and my own drawing, print and animation work, I also regularly teach classes at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and Sacred Art of Geometry in the UK as well as teaching and speaking internationally about geometry and art.

You can see my ongoing explorations and works in progress on Instagram .

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