Handmade prints are made using a variety of techniques including relief, silkscreen and photo polymer etching. All handmade prints are unique and printed individually by hand and as such are subject to minor discrepancies in color, registration and consistency. Whilst we try to ensure that our prints and other handmade goods are as well conceived as possible, the nature of the hand made process means that minor defects are not an exception, but the rule of thumb.

We will not accept returns of any of these goods on the basis that they are defective or do not exactly match the image on the website. In buying such goods you acknowledge the above and that there will be slight variations in the run of a single product.

Digital prints are Giclée prints or laser prints depending on the item. Giclée prints are a type of high quality archival inkjet print that can be made onto various textured and fine art papers. Other digital prints are made using a high quality laser printer.