Analysis of a geometric pattern from the Alhambra Palace


I haven’t posted on here for some time due to being immersed in studying and practicing geometry. One of the aspects I’ve found most rewarding and stimulating is the process of analysing and reconstructing a pattern. It’s done wonders for the development of my understanding of geometric proportions and pattern making.

Reconstructing this incredible pattern from the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain was the biggest challenge I’ve taken on yet. It took several hours of staring at the bookmark above, while drawing and redrawing until the proportions made themselves clear. The process of creating a construction guide has provided further insights.

The result seems to be proportionally correct but if anyone who has knowledge about Islamic pattern construction, or even better this pattern in particular, has any observations they would be most welcome.. please leave a comment. Equally if you find it a useful guide, please let me know.

Good luck!

A time-lapse video demonstrating the construction of this pattern using compass, ruler and drawing tools:

A step-by-step construction guide:

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MC Escher & Meshuggah : Mathematics in space and time

mountain-by mcescher

Now that I’m borderline obsessed with geometric design after my course at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, it’s clear to me that geometry has not only always underpinned my work but underpins the way the world works.

I’ve come across lots of geometric art recently but I wanted to start by posting work from one of the heavyweights. Some of MC Escher’s work is so ubiquitous that is easy to forget how rigorous and impressive it is. (more…)

David Lynch’s factory photographs


“I don’t like colour. The real factories that I love, they’re black-and-white experiences. Colour putrefies them… I really love the oil-impregnated earth, you know, where the earth is gleaming with black oil and there is steel and brick and glass and these machines, and smokestacks and the smoke and the fire. It’s an amazing, phenomenal thing.”

David Lynch


Dan Mumford – Radiant Dusk screenprint


‘Radiant Dusk’ by Dan Mumford

Following on from last year’s Radiant Dawn print, I’ve just received this lush new Dan Mumford print from the same series (although my backlog of pictures to frame isn’t getting any smaller). Stunning colour palette and tight composition.