Timelapse geometric drawings for the Qatar National Library

Earlier this year the Qatar National Library opened a new permanent exhibition of artefacts from it’s Heritage Library collection. I was commissioned to make three timelapse videos demonstrating the construction of geometric designs featured in particular artefacts, to be displayed alongside the original pieces. In order to create the films I analysed and reconstructed the three designs and then produced these timelapse films demonstrating how the designs could have been constructed using the traditional tools of ruler and compass. It was an incredibly satisfying challenge which allowed me to incorporate a wide range of skills into one project.

The videos are currently on display the library and the exhibition also features books, manuscripts, historical photographs, maps, globes and travellers’ instruments that tell the story of Qatar, along with the history of science, literature, writing, travel in the region, and much more.


4 Responses to “Timelapse geometric drawings for the Qatar National Library”

  1. John Hobson

    Love your work! Any thoughts as to uploading a slower version as a tutorial? If reasonable, I would purchase the right to view a slower version.



    • ambigraph

      Many thanks John. As the project was a commission I won’t be making other versions available. I will however post steps for constructing at least one of the designs when I get a chance.

  2. pinky.arya@gmail.com

    lovely artwork…i recently fall in love with Islamic geometric patterns…
    i m following many artists on insta and youtube …i watched all videos of Samira Mian …
    my passion to learn islamic art from the scratch is increasing day by day…
    Sir, plz suggest how and from where to learn Islamic geometry ..
    Im Priyanka Arya from India, i have studied Engineering ..and doing full time job of raising two lovely daughters ..I m an art lover..
    please suggest some online courses and books …
    thanku so much sir ..

    • ambigraph

      Hi and thanks for your comment. I think you found me on Instagram already. Samira Mian’s online course is a great starting point for learning these patterns. Also some good content and discussion is available on the Facebook group Drawing Islamic Geometric Patterns. Best of luck!


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