Twiss Drinks identity and packaging design

We’re proud to announce that Twiss Drinks have just launched their new brand, with identity and packaging designed by us. It’s been exciting to be involved in a new brand from the start and now to see the packaging in people’s hands. There’s been great feedback so far and you should start seeing the products in the shops anytime now.

Our intention was to create an identity that conveys the freshness of the brand and the fact that they’re doing something different in a crowded market. We did that partly by creating a hand-lettered logotype, flavour names and strapline. The packaging aims to convey the flavours primarily using colour, with the ‘twist’ flavour cutting into the main colour, much like it does when you taste the drink.

We wish them every success in getting Twiss off the ground and are excited to be along for the ride!

4 Responses to “Twiss Drinks identity and packaging design”

  1. Pelel Bah

    Good day to you sir!
    we are interested in your Twiss product.s
    Please reply us.
    thank you

  2. John

    Twiss is well designed ..Congrats !!

    Can you design one brand label for me : Jonny Fresh

    or can you plan my website design


    Zion Beverages

    • ambigraph

      Many thanks for your comment, however I am not taking on that kind of work at the moment. Best of luck with your project.


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