Mountain Portraits


I recently came across Nenad Saljic’s incredible photographs of the Matterhorn via an old post on the ISO50 Blog. Saljic has visited Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn countless times since 2009 to capture the majestic peak in a range of light and weather conditions. By limiting himself to black and white, the images use the interplay of light and shadow to convey the Matterhorn’s stark beauty.

“I want my images to compress the passing of time – the beauty of the wind and the clouds dancing around the mountain.”

I’m also a big fan of his ongoing Petrified project of black and white images of cave exploration. (see the last image below).

4.1_Morning-Clouds-2010 210_Moonlight-2-2012 210_Moonlight-Clouds-3-2012 56_Moonlight-Clouds-3-2012_1 Petrified_14-2012_1

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