‘Isomorphology’ by Gemma Anderson – exhibition

gemma anderson isomorphology

I just visited an enthralling exhibition by artist Gemma Anderson at the Eb & Flow Gallery near Old Street in London. She has developed a focused artistic practice in which she takes an analytical approach that is similar to scientific research. She uses observational drawing as the foundation for explorations in different media, most notably copper-plate etching and hand-painted ceramics. Her interests lie in observing, researching and documenting the similarities in structure across all types of natural forms (animal, vegetable and mineral) and these interests come together in this exhibition under the name Isomorphology, a term she has coined. (The book published by Super/Collider is worth checking out and only a fiver).

I’ve always looked to science and nature as an inspiration for visual work so it’s great to see such a body of work coming from this kind of approach. Most of all I love her hand coloured etchings. Strongly recommended.. on until 6th April. More text and image at her site.

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