The Silver Ratio Grid System – Online course Feb 2021


Four 2.5hr sessions on Zoom
Max 20 participants

DATES: Sat Feb 6th, Feb 13th, Feb 20th, Feb 27th – 2021
TIME: 2-4:30pm GMT

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The Silver Ratio, though less well know than it’s shiny cousin, has similar mathematical properties and hence can be used to generate a highly flexible grid structure.

After an introductory, contextual slide show exploring the proportional qualities of the Silver Ratio and their relevance to pattern design, we will construct a master grid using ruler and compass.

Then we will construct a range of Islamic geometric patterns with a different focus in each session. Every pattern will use the same master grid for it’s construction, demonstrating how they are intimately connected through common proportions.

Session 1 – Presentation – Constructing the grid – Exploring the proportions within the grid.
Session 2 – One- and Two-piece patterns from the Alhambra.
Session 3 – Variations derived from the Star & Cross pattern (Breath of the Compassionate).
Session 4 – Carved stone jaali screen designs from Mughal India.



You will need the Zoom app, ideally on a desktop computer or tablet (a phone will not give you a clear enough image to follow along with the drawing) and a reliable internet connection.

There will be a maximum of 20 participants on this course to encourage a more interactive classroom experience.

Some previous experience of working with ruler and compass construction is highly recommended.

This is a live course running over four sessions. Classes are not available individually and participants should attend all four sessions as each will build on the previous.

Video recordings of the sessions will not be available, however PDFs will be provided to all participants showing construction of the master grid and patterns.

Mattias Jones will be moderating the classes and will be on hand to provide extra support during the sessions.

The following materials are essential – A4 or A3 paper, A4 or A3 tracing paper, ruler, compass (ideally a 6 inch bow compass), range of pencils (at least one hard pencil 2H or harder), eraser, masking tape.

The following materials are useful but not essential – colour pencils, coloured pens, fine liners.


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