Tugboat Printshop’s amazing woodcuts

Tugboat Printshop Forest woodcut

I am always in awe of folk who have the focus and patience to work with one technique and give it enough time to gain absolute mastery. I use a range of image-making techniques so I always feel I need to spend more time perfecting my skills.

One of the print studios I find most inspiring is Tugboat Printshop. Their woodcuts are beautifully and meticulously executed, with a stunning use of colour. You can see in the work-in-progress images of their Bonfire woodcut, the laborious process of producing a multi-coloured woodcut. Especially impressive is when the cyan ink is added and the way this combines with other colours to create various shades of brown and green. This sort of technical prowess comes only through experience, practice and patience.

Seeing this kind of thing gives me envy/inspiration to get on with making new work. I am very pleased to have my own print of their dense, psychedelic Forest woodcut.

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