Exploring geometric tilings with ruler and compass

blue-mosque-tilings-by-ambigraphInspired by Professor Miroslaw Majewski’s exploration of the pattern above left, seen at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, I have developed a practical ruler and compass construction method which allows for the creation of a set of tiles which can be configured in numerous ways, giving rise to a whole range of patterns. Working through this method gives an insight into how a subgrid of regular polygons can underpin the construction of Islamic patterns and provide us with a key for the development of further patterns.

Download the PDF
This guide is based on the practical workshop I taught in September 2016 at the 3rd Annual Workshop on Geometric Pattern in Islamic Art at the Istanbul Design Centre.

4 Responses to “Exploring geometric tilings with ruler and compass”

  1. John Hobson

    Thank you for sharing this amazing document! There is certainly a lot of information to digest and become familiar with. Love the opportunity!

    • ambigraph

      Thanks John.. yes so many possibilities once you get agrip on how these are developed.. Enjoy!


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