DJ Food Dune AV Collaboration

In September 2015, as part of a Feast Film Nights screening of the incredible and inspiring documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, DJ Food (Ninja Tune records) weaved together an hour long set of music and samples connected with Frank Herbert’s most famous novel, Dune, accompanied by my cosmic geometric animations.

As it was a successful combination of sound and image, Kev (DJ Food) subsequently approached me about getting something together to put online. The audio from the night was recorded so I’ve reworked the animations into a tighter piece which you can watch above, overlaying the animations onto Dune-related imagery as well as showing them on their own. It’s best viewed in HD, late at night with the lights down.


Photo by Peter Williams

dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-15 dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-09  dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-06dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-07 dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-08 dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-04 dj-food-ambigraph-dune-still-02