Stella & Nasi Padang Restaurant Branding

I was commissioned to design visual identities for two restaurants in Singapore. Both briefs required me to design not only a logo but a flexible and adaptable pattern system which the client could use to generate new designs in the future.

Stella Restaurant

Stella is a seaside dining spot located in one of the best star-gazing locations in Singapore. This curvilinear ten-fold system uses girih tiling as it’s basis and can be flexibly used for radial designs, repeat patterns, simple field patterns and border designs, with the logo forming the seed. I tried to capture something of the fluidity of the sea and the wonder of the stars in the structure and colour choices.

stella logo stella radial patterns
stella patterns stella borders

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is a popular Indonesian eating concept which involves a wide selection of small dishes served with Padang rice, similar to the South Indian thali. The interlocking loops in the logo bring to mind a selection of dishes around a central portion of rice as well as conveying the communal dining encouraged by this way of eating.

nasi padang logonasi padang radial patterns
nasi padang patternsnasi padang border